How SEO experts in Dubai help to index a site on Google?

When we search on Google ( the big “G” ), the engine returns us an ordered series of websites. The order in which these appear to us is determined by a series of factors and variables. The list in question is called: SERP . The acronym means: Search Engine Results Page , or: ” search engine results page ” (cit. Wikipedia). We can work in different ways on the variables that affect search engine positioning to increase traffic to your site. Let’s see together the tools that can be useful to us.

Webmaster tools

Professionals, beginners, or simply lovers of the web, technology and seo experts in Dubai, can find online a series of very useful tools to help sites rank correctly as per the SEO guidelines. Many of these seo tools are free and with a minimum of effort, you can easily improve the visibility of a site.

Let’s start with Google Search Console . This platform is made available directly by Google and allows you to send the Sitemap to the American giant. Let’s now spend a few words to briefly explain what a sitemap is. In other words, it is, textually, a site map.

In detail, we can tell you that it is a file containing a complete and ordered list of all the pages that make up the site itself is known as sitemap. Returning to Google Search Console, once you have registered, simply enter the link of the site, or web page to be reported, and press ENTER.

After a few more short steps, that’s it and your sitemap has been sent to Google. Waiting times are very short and the results, if the steps are done correctly, are tangible. A seo company that offers seo services can also help you in submitting your website sitemap. 

Let’s talk about webmaster tools

Let’s now talk about Webmaster Tools . These are reserved for website owners. They are essentially used to allow the search engine to read, scan and index a site. Furthermore, it is also possible to index a single page and / or article, to speed up the scanning procedure by the search engine. We come to the various steps:

  • Log in with your access data
  • Insert the link of the site and / or page to be indexed and add a property
  • Verify ownership
  • Click on “Scan”
  • Click on “View as Google”
  • Press “Retrieve”
  • Enable “request for indexing”
  • Check “I’m not a robot” on the recaptcha
  • Choose whether to scan the selected URL or the URL plus its related pages directly
  • Confirm

The game is done. The site or web page is added to the platform.

Positioning: the real secret to climbing the web

So far we have illustrated some of the online tools available to get Google to read a site. In reality, the work that hides behind a real indexing is very hard. The keyword to reach the top of the Google ranking is: constancy. The actual work for the positioning consists in guaranteeing constant contents, of quality and pertinent to the topics of the site on which we are working. According to Brand AdvoKates, it is not enough to write an avalanche of words at random to get traffic and results.

Google over the years has studied and refined the rules that manage positioning. The search engine tends to punish all those sites that try, with loopholes, to forge ahead. The tricks in the end are always exposed and, if at the beginning they may have given some positive results, at the end of the games they are heavily penalized by Google. For more SEO information visit


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