corded lawn mower vs cordless

5 Types of Lawn Mowers for any lawn

Types of lawn mower

We are going to see the different types of lawn mowers, from manual to tractors through robots or electric and gasoline. 

Manual Lawn Mowers

This type of mower does not have a motor and is quite uncomfortable for the person who has to carry it. It is the most popular for gardens of less than 100 square meters but, honestly, if I have to decide which lawn mower to buy for a small garden, it is clear to me: I would not buy a manual lawn mower and I would throw more for the electric or battery mower.


It is simple, it is a lawn mower that needs the power to work. That means using a plug that is as close to your garden as possible and an extension cord to reach all areas. The extension cord can become your worst nightmare because you will trip 3423 times on the cable. That aside, deciding which lawn mower to buy necessarily involves weighing up whether to buy an electric lawn mower. These devices are light, comfortable to carry, and cheaper than gasoline. They are recommended for gardens with surfaces between 100 and 500 square meters and the best of all is that there are models of electric powered lawn mowers. A marvel! In addition, its maintenance is easier than those of gasoline.

Cordless and Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

These are also light like the previous ones and some add the advantage that they are independent thanks to their battery, but the latter can cost good money. The cable ones, which are the most common, are cheaper. Of course, choosing between a corded lawn mower vs cordless electric or battery is still a complicated task. I recommend an electric one again.

corded lawn mower vs cordless

Gasoline powered lawn mower

When thinking about which lawn mower to buy, it is essential to assess the option of the gasoline lawn mower. This is autonomous and independent, which is an advantage over the electric and equals it to the battery mower. But it has more advantages: they are more powerful, they are suitable for larger gardens and their self-propelled models are the lemon pear for gardens with uneven levels. Are you happy with what I’m telling you? Do you already know which lawn mower to buy? Have you decided on gasoline? Better read on before making your purchase decision.

Robotic lawn mowers, futuristic technology in gardens

Like what robot? Well, at this point we continue with the question of which lawn mower to buy so it is necessary to understand what this type of lawn mower offers. First of all, it is to say that it is programmable, autonomous, independent, ideal for overcoming obstacles and slopes, and it is also low consumption. Well, that’s it, right? No, it is not that simple. These robot-type mowers are more expensive than the rest and their autonomy extends to only 200 square meters, so if your garden has a larger surface area, you will be left without a robot in the middle of the work.

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